The HP Printer have so many errors in HP  printer or there are some  of HP  Error Code 303 which mostly occurs due to some technical issues in the hard-drive, which have issues with the hard disk so that users also work with HP PRINTER TECHNICAL SUPPORT. So  that isssues can be solved by different methods also-

Problem solve by troubleshooting that comes 303 error-

Method 1: By fixing the error on the hard drive in  Laptop.

When some fault come Hp technical support then this error can occur anytime which is most frequent to check on the hard drive so that there is any spot or may be any kind of damage on the inside of the platter. This cause the problem in the hard disk that has completely problem in a hard disk.

Method 2:  Purchase  the Hard driver:

The new driver can be boot through the  PC  which is in the safe mode. For this, you have to press the F 8 button and so that it can copy all the files from your hard drive to the new one.  Sometimes it can’t do this so that it can be purchase replacement of a  hard drive and then again it loads in  CD ROM drive in order to easily boot. During the time of loading after that, switch off the computer and properly place the old drive in order to set the jumper in slave mode. Then boot up your device and copy all the files from the hard drive.


Method 3: Remove the viruses from the laptop:

It’s the main reasons behind of the error in the virus or malware problems. It will be required to resolve the problem from antivirus software to free of this error. It can save the networking part also. So, start your device and click on F 8 Key so the menu of the boot can appear. Then click on the icon of “Safe Mode with Networking” and you are done.

Solve the problem  HP printer help-1888-463-5666.